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Stay Safe Carabiner – Contactless Copper Made Gadget To Stay Safe

Corona!! Corona!! Corona!! Corona is everywhere and it is a bit frightening that there is no cure for the virus. So, what is the solution? The obvious solution which we all know is Social distancing, not touching things outside, washing hands, etc. But once we go out, we will have to touch a lot of things like doorknobs, atm buttons, lift buttons, etc and there might be coronavirus on these buttons. So, how to stay safe? This is where Stay Safe Carabiner comes in.

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Science Behind The Product

Stay Safe Carabiner created by Stay Safe Labs is a multipurpose carabiner that is built for us to avoid touching virus prone surfaces. Now, let us get into the science behind this.

This product is built completely of Copper, a metal that is inherently antimicrobial. Copper and copper alloys are proven to kill viruses and bacteria like

  1. MRSA
  2. E. coli
  3. Influenza A
  4. Norovirus

According to new research published in the New England Journal, copper also effectively kills SARS-CoV-2.

Let us understand this power copper have and how does it kill germs.

It is believed that copper kills germs by various mechanisms and here are the three main mechanisms by which researchers believe that copper kill germs

  1. High copper levels inside a cell cause oxidative stress and lead to the generation of hydrogen peroxide. Under these conditions, copper participates in the so-called Fenton-type reaction which is a chemical reaction causing oxidative damage to cells.
  2. Excess copper causes a decline in the membrane integrity of microbes, leading to leakage of specific essential cell nutrients, such as potassium and glutamate. This leads to desiccation and it then leads to the death of microbes.
  3. While copper is needed for many protein functions, in an excess situation (as on a copper alloy surface), copper binds to proteins that do not require copper for their function. This “inappropriate” binding leads to loss-of-function of the protein, and/or breakdown of the protein into nonfunctional portions.

There are a lot of other mechanism through which copper kills microbes, you can check it here

Copper is an amazing metal and an excess copper can help us to fight germs.

This copper made carabiner is built to keep us safe from touching surfaces that are regularly touched and might have the virus on it. This is a much-needed product that we need once the lockdown is relaxed throughout the world.

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